Demo: age verification with IRMA

This page contains an example of a simple age check with IRMA, together with an explanation of how this works and can be used, for instance by webshops or video sites. With the button below it can be checked whether a visitor of such a site is indeed older than 18. What's special about IRMA is its privacy-friendliness: the visitor reveals no other information than the fact that (s)he is 18+. For this property "older than 18" there is a special IRMA attribute; only the yes/no information in that attribute is revealed to the requesting webpage.

In order to be able to try out yourself the button below you need to have the IRMA app installed with at least the older than 18 attribute loaded. This can be done via iDIN issuance webpage of the Privacy by Design foundation. A successful check that the visitor is older than 18 gives subsequent access to material that is only suitable for an 18+ audience.

A few remarks:

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