Become an IRMATube Premium member

This page shows chained IRMA sessions: multiple sequential IRMA sessions where the contents of later IRMA sessions may depend on the earlier sessions. In this demo you disclose your name in the first sesssion, which is then used without further user interaction in the second session. This second session issues the premium membership card which includes your name from the first session.

This demo is not a real video-streaming service but it does demonstrate several aspects of IRMA. When you become IRMATube “premium member” using the “Become premium member” button, you receive a membership card in your IRMA app with your name on it. Subsequently, you can use the data on this card to watch (trailers of) movies on the IRMATube main page. As a premium member you also have access to the premium contents when clicking the "Show premium contents" button.

In order to be able to try out yourself the buttons below one needs to have the IRMA app installed.


No personal data is retained via this webpage. The revealed data are only used for the purpose of this demo and disappear at the moment that the demo is closed.

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