Verification of email address with IRMA

This page contains an example of a simple email check with IRMA. At the same time some explanation is given about how this works and how this can be used, especially by organisations with their own email addresses: they can let users log in with these addresses. In this manner a separate password to log in is no longer needed.

The left button below checks if the disclosed email address is a address. Only in that case the verification succeeds. The same mechanism can be used to provide exclusive access for visitors with email addresses from other organisations.

The button on the right asks for any email address and displays it on the subsequent page. This can be used for visitors who are asked to register with an email address.

In order to be able to try out yourself the buttons below one needs to have the IRMA app installed. Multiple email addresses can be added in the app via the email issuance webpage of the Privacy by Design foundation.


A few remarks:

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