Privacy by Design Foundation

Yivi for protected post (files and emails)

The open source PostGuard project offers encryption and digital signing of files and emails. Via Yivi it is guaranteed that only the intended recipient can read the transferred content. Also, the identity of the sender is clear, via a digital signature.

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Nijmegen municipality extends Yivi login

Alderman van Elferen launches more options for citizens to log in with Yivi, for better protection of their personal data.

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Company data now in Yivi

A boost for the digital economy via certainty about online business transactions: who is authorised for which organisation, via a simple check. At issuance of these company attributes the costs asked by the Dutch national KvK register are passed on.

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Privacy by Design Foundation

The Privacy by Design Foundation creates and maintains free and open source software in which the privacy of the user is the most important. The main application of the foundation is the identity wallet Yivi, see also the separate Yivi webpage. The foundation also aims to generally improve the development and usage of open, privacy-friendly and well-secured ICT.

With Yivi you can disclose properties (attributes) of yourself in a privacy-friendly and secure way, for example, I am over 18 years old, without disclosing other, non-relevant information about yourself. Using such attributes you can authenticate yourself to for example login on a website.

Additionally, with Yivi you can create attribute-based signatures, see Yivi in detail for more information.

Yivi was originally developed under the name IRMA, within Radboud University Nijmegen. At that time legal protection of the name IRMA was not arranged. With the increasing usage of the app it became necessary to protect the name and brand and to counter forgery and falsification. Therefore, a new name was chosen, in 2023: Yivi.

The foundation has two important operational roles in IRMA:

  1. Development and supporting the Yivi software.

  2. Spreading the Yivi concept of open, transparant, privacy-friendly digital identity based on public values.