Privacy by Design Foundation

Privacy by Design

The Privacy by Foundation creates and maintains free open source software that primarily focuses on the privacy of the user. The most important project of the foundation is IRMA, an acronym for I Reveal my Attributes.

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With IRMA you can reliably disclose relevant properties (attributes, such as "older than 18") of yourself to others. You manage these attributes yourself in an app, on your own phone.

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New attributes

After installing the IRMA app and registering at MyIRMA you can now obtain iDIN-attributes from your (dutch) bank, and if you are an employee or student at the Radboud University, also Surfnet attributes.

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Privacy by Design Foundation

The Privacy by Design foundation was set-up in 2016. It arose from the Digital Security research group of the Radboud University and from the Privacy and Identity Lab PI.lab. The foundation is an independent non-profit spin-off.

The foundation primarily works on its IRMA system for privacy-friendly attribute-based authentication, based on freely available open source software. For the purpose of using IRMA, the foundation provides an Android app. An iOS app is under development.

The foundation has two important operational roles in IRMA:

  1. Development and supporting the IRMA software.

  2. Supporting infrastructure for issuing attributes.

The foundation welcomes collaboration with others to get IRMA up and running. Pilots are now being prepared with the help of a number of other parties, among which: