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IRMA at Royal Institution

Watch over an hour long presentation about digital identities, including IRMA, at London's Royal Institution, with much background information

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BRP attributes in IRMA

The city of Nijmegen is the first to issue IRMA attributes from the Dutch Civil Registry. Everyone in the Netherlands that can login with DigiD can obtain these attributes. This opens a wide array of new applications.

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IRMA itself

IRMA is the unique platform that makes you digitally self-sovereign and gives you full control over your personal data: with IRMA on your phone you are empowered not only to prove who you are, but also to digitally sign statements.

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Privacy by Design Foundation

The Privacy by Design Foundation creates and maintains free and open source software in which the privacy of the user is the most important. The most important application of the foundation is the identity platform IRMA, an acronym of I Reveal my Attributes. The foundation also aims to generally improve the development and usage of open, privacy-friendly and well secured ICT.

With IRMA you can disclose properties (attributes) of yourself in a privacy-friendly and secure way - for example, I am over 18 years old - without disclosing other, non-relevant information about yourself. Using such attributes you can authenticate yourself to for example login on a website.

Additionally, with IRMA you can create attribute-based signatures, see IRMA in detail for more information.

The foundation has two important operational roles in IRMA:

  1. Development and supporting the IRMA software.
  2. Supporting infrastructure for issuing attributes.


The Privacy by Design foundation was set-up in 2016. It arose from the Digital Security research group of the Radboud University and from the Privacy and Identity Lab PI.lab. The foundation is an independent non-profit spin-off.

The foundation welcomes collaboration with others to get IRMA up and running. Pilots are now being prepared with the help of a number of other parties, among which:

The foundation receives external funding via the following projects.