Load attributes from eduGAIN

Your personal data at your educational institution (such as name, email or registration number) can be loaded into your IRMA app via a cooperation between eduGAIN and the Privacy by Design Foundation.

In order to load your attributes you first login to your own institution. The foundation then receives your data via eduGAIN and loads them into your IRMA app. The foundation immediately removes your data. In your IRMA app the data remain valid for three months.

Does this work for me?

Loading your data works if, firstly, your institution is part of eduGAIN, and secondly, your institution allows data transfer to IRMA (the Privacy by Design Foundation).

The button below shows if your institution has joined eduGAIN. If subsequent loading into IRMA fails, your institution has not agreed to the required data transfer. You can then contact the IT department of your own institution.

Log in to load attributes