People at the foundation

The board of the Privacy by Design foundation consists of the people listed below. They all fulfill their role in the board in a personal capacity and are not being paid for it.

  • Chairman: Bart Jacobs (b.jacobs ‘at’

    Bart Jacobs is a full professor of computer security at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He works, together with his research group, on many societally relevant security and privacy topics, such as medical privacy, public transport travel cards, electronic voting.

  • Secretary: Jaap Akkermans (j.akkermans ‘at’

    Jaap Akkermans has been active for more than 20 years in ICT-consultancy. Before that he was involved with ICT-policy within the government. His background is in physics. In addition, he studied economics of R&D. Within the foundation he is especially interested in business cases for IRMA.

  • Treasurer: Jean Popma (j.popma ‘at’

    Jean Popma works as project manager Applied Security Research at Radboud University Nijmegen; in that role he is responsible for the realization of privacy-friendly systems for the storage and sharing of scientific medical date. He has ample experience as ICT-manager and as Security Officer within Radboud University.

  • Monique Hennekens is a trainee judge at the court of appeal of Arnhem-Leeuwarden. Before that, Monique was an attorney-at-law, specialised in privacy and IT law. Monique helps the Privacy by Design foundation with the legal aspects regarding IRMA.

  • Tim Vermeulen (t.vermeulen ‘at’ is IT R&D Manager at network company Alliander. His teams works on embedding innovative IT solutions in the energy landscape. This involves techniques like Blockchain, Augmented Reality en Continuous Delivery platforms. Tim focuses on using IRMA technology within the energy domain.


Sietse Ringers (s.ringers ‘at’ is chief architect and lead developer of the Privacy by Design foundation. In addition, the following people are (or have been) active in developing software and web-pages of the foundation.

Active developers

  • Sietse Ringers
  • Ivar Derksen
  • Maja Reißner
  • David Venhoek
  • Leon Botros
  • Bart Jacobs

Former developers

  • Hanna Schraffenberger
  • Fabian van den Broek
  • Tomas Harreveld
  • Ayke van Laethem
  • Koen van Ingen
  • Joost van Dijk
  • Maarten Everts
  • Wouter Lueks
  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij
  • Pim Vullers
  • Bas Westerbaan