Support the Foundation

The Privacy by Design foundation does not wish to monopolize and sees the development of the identity platform IRMA as a community effort with possible involvement, cooperation and support from different sides and in different ways. Below more information is given about two such contributions (in kind en in cash). For other possible contributions please get in touch.

Contribute to software development

If you, as individual or organization, wish to contribute to further development of IRMA software, please contact the lead developer Sietse Ringers (s.ringers ‘at’ Contributions are welcome, for instance, for integration of IRMA authentication and signing in existing software packages, such as for communication and text processing. For instance, it would be very nice to have plugins for checking IRMA signatures in various mail clients or office environments. The foundation hopes that such software will become freely available, as open source. However, it is also possible to build commercial and/or closed source software on top of the (free) IRMA infrastructure.

Contribute financially

The Privacy by Design foundation wishes to offer as many of its services as possible for free. However, the activities of the foundation do cost money, for instance, in order to keep the IRMA infrastructure up and running and to develop and maintain new services and software (among which, in particular, the IRMA app).

The Privacy by Design foundation is a non-for-profit organization. But it does need funding for its activities. This is where you can help, certainly if you appreciate the foundation’s activities.

The foundation awards the special status Friend of the Foundation or Hero of the Foundation to companies and other organizations, or private citizens, that support the foundation with at least ten thousand Euro (friends) or hundred thousand Euro (heroes).

When you are interested in becoming a friend or hero of the foundation, please contact the chairman of the foundation (voorzitter ‘at’ Possible reasons for supporting the foundation are:

  • You value the development of a non-commercial open source identity platform that can be used by anyone.
  • You are a (current or future) user of IRMA and would like the foundation to be (financially) sufficiently stable so that it can continue its activities in the long run.

Friend/hero-ship of the foundation does not give any policy influence: the foundation is and remains independent. The foundation will, if needed, support its friends and heroes first when operational problems arise. Financial contributions will be spent only in line with the goals of the foundation. The foundation publishes a year report containing a financial statement.