Videos & Drawings

This page contains several videos about IRMA, followed by a few drawings. They are in reversed chronological order. Some of them are in Dutch.


  • IRMA introduction (in Dutch) about a.o. the IRMA software, technical details of IRMA sessions, an example how attributes can be requested, and existing IRMA attributes. By Sietse Ringers, Tweakers Meet-up XL on Privacy & Security, on Nov. 2, 2019.

  • Presentation about Digital Identities at the Royal Institution in London, on Feb. 21, 2019, by Bart Jacobs.

  • An OMOOC video in Dutch from Jan. 2019, about online identities, developed by the ministry of Internal Affairs of The Netherlands, with Wouter Welling, Marleen Stikker, Bart Jacobs and Martijn van der Linden.

  • At the VNG Fieldlab week (24-28 Sept. 2018) in Zwolle team NLX had a fridge full of Club-Mate that could be opened only with the right IRMA attribute. The IRMA verification code runs on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Hereby the first IRMA video from Radboud University, from 2016, with explanation by early developer Wouter Lueks.


  • On the occasion of the ISOC Internet Innovation Award 2019:

    ISOC prijs

  • At the VNG Fieldlab meeting in Zwolle, 24-28 Sept. 2018: