About the foundation

The Privacy by Design Foundation in general aims to improve the development and the use of open, privacy-friendly and secure software.

More in particular, the foundation focuses on the development, roll out, and actual usage of its own system IRMA, an abbreviation of I Reveal My Attributes. With IRMA people can prove in a privacy-friendly and secure manner various personal properties (attributes) about themselves (such as: I’m older than 18), without revealing any other non-relevant information. Via such attributes you can authenticate yourself, for instance in order to log into a webpage.

In addition, IRMA allows its users to create attribute-based digital signature, see IRMA for more information.


The first year report, including an overview of activities and a financial report, can be found below. As the foundation was established at the end of 2016 this report includes not only 2017 but also the last months of 2016.