Attribute issuance

Here you can (re)load attributes into the IRMA app on your phone, in order to compose a personal ‘passport’. The Privacy by Design foundation digitally signs these attributes, so that verifiers can check their origin and integrity. You can subsequently use these attributes for authentication or login.

Warning: if you load these attributes into your phone via a QR-code, make sure that someone else cannot pick them up first, for instance over your shoulder. This other person can then load your attributes into his/her phone.

International attributes

The following attributes can be loaded into an IRMA app by anyone on earth.

E-mail address attribute
Attribute: e-mail address
Load e-mail address attribute
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Social media attributes
Attributes (differs per network): first name, family name, email address, birth date, username
Load attributes via Facebook
Load attributes via Twitter
Load attributes via LinkedIn
More information

Attributes via your educational institution
Attributes: given name, family name, email address, institution, staff/student, local registration number
Load attributes via eduGAIN
Notice: this is an experimental service. We appreciate any feedback at irma ‘at’, preferrably with screenshots if something goes wrong.

Attributes for Europe

Mobile phone number attribute
Attribute: mobile phone number attribute
Load mobile phone number attribute
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Attributes for The Netherlands

The issuance options below require a connection to the Netherlands, for instance in the form of a Dutch bank account, a Dutch mobile phone number, or registration at a Dutch university/school.

Attributes from Dutch Civil Registry
Attributes: name, birth date, sex, address, zip code, city, BSN
Load attributes from Dutch Civil Registry
More information

Attributes via iDeal and iDIN
Attributes: IBAN, BIC, initials, family name, date of birth, gender, address, postal code, city
Load attributes via iDeal and iDIN
More information

Attributes via your dutch educational institute
Attributes: given name, family name, email address, institution, staff/student, local registration number
Load attributes via SURFconext
More information

Attributes via the diploma register of DUO
Attributes: school and/or study diploma
Load attributes via DUO
More information. This service is still experimental; we are happy to receive feedback via irma ‘at’

Attributes via the BIG-register — based on iDIN data
Attributes: BIG-number, date of BIG-registration, medical profession, medical specialisms
Load attributes via BIG
More information

Attributen via the AGB-register — issued by the foundation from Vektis
Attributen: AGB-code of a medical professional, for declarations etc. Laad attributen vanuit AGB