Attributen from the civil registry BRP

In the Dutch Civil Registry the Dutch government keeps track of data of all people living in The Netherlands. Every Dutch city has access to the Civil Registry in order to service citizens. Cities not only have access to data of its own citizens, but also to that of other cities.

The city of Nijmegen issues IRMA attributes from the Civil Registry. This service is available to everyone registered in the Civil Registry that can login with DigiD.

Load attributes from Dutch Civil Registry

The following attributes are issued:

  • initials
  • family name
  • birth date
  • age limits (above 12, 16, 18, 21 or 65)
  • sex
  • address
  • zip code
  • city
  • Burger Service Number (BSN).

The attributes are digitally signed by the city of Nijmegen. The Privacy by Design Foundation is not involved in this process.

The validity of these attributes are currently three months. Eventually the issuance of these attributes will also be done by other cities, separately or jointly.

Warning. The BSN attribute is legally only allowed to be used by organizations that have legal grounds to process it. For every other use asking for the BSN attributes is illegal; see the information (in Dutch) from the Dutch national government.

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