Adding an e-mail address attribute

You can add multiple e-mail addresses as attributes in your IRMA app, for instance your business address and your private address.

As a first step of the issuance process of an e-mail address, you provide your e-mail address in a textfield. A verification e-mail message is then sent to this address, containing a link. When you follow that link, the e-mail address will be issued to you, as IRMA attribute.

(It appears that in some email clients on mobile phones this link is not properly “clickable”. In that case you can try to copy the link yourself into a web-browser. Alternatively, you can read this e-mail on another device, such as a laptop or PC. It is being investigated how to best solve this problem.)

The validity period of this e-mail address attribute is one year.

Note: As of November 30th, 2020, the issuance of e-mail attributes is no longer handled by the Privacy by Design foundation, but rather by SIDN.

After issuance, SIDN removes the e-mail address from its systems. Regarding maintenance and monitoring, SIDN does keep a log of the issuance, however this log is automatically removed and does not include the e-mail address.

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