Issuance of mobile phone number attributes

A mobile phone number can be issued as attribute to your IRMA app by the Privacy by Design foundation. Before doing so, the foundation checks if you actually have control over this number by sending a verification as text message (SMS). This service is free of charge, but (currently) only works for mobile phone numbers from European countries. This restriction is exists because charges within Europe are uniform.

You may wish to add additional mobile phone numbers as separate attributes in your app. You then execute the issuance process multiple times, with different phone numbers.

As a first step of this issuance process, you provide your mobile phone number at the relevant webpage. A text message (SMS) is then sent to this number, coming from SIDN-IRMA. The message contains both a one-time verification code and a verification link. There are now two ways to proceed:

  1. You enter this code at the same webpage. A QR-code then appears, which you can scan with your IRMA app on your phone.
  2. You click on the verification link in the text message on your phone; you are then automatically redirected to the IRMA app.

In this way your phone number will be issued as attribute.

The validity period of this mobile phone number attribute is one year.

This service is still in an experimental stage and may change based on operational experiences. After issuance, the Privacy by Design foundation removes your phone number attribute from its own systems. The foundation does not keep a log of issuance. However, in systems of telecom providers the communication between your number and the foundation’s number may be stored for some time. This is beyond the control of the foundation.

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