Name and logo usage

The Privacy by Design foundation holds the rights to the IRMA name and logo. The IRMA name and logo can not be reproduced without the (written, per email) permission of the foundation. With this foundation’s permission, you are welcome to use the IRMA logo as such, in unaltered form, for a variety of applications, such as documentation and promotion of products that use IRMA. You can request permission to use the IRMA logo via an e-mail to, detailing your intended use. The foundation reserves the right to deny or revoke usage permission in case of inappropriate (intended or actual) use. The foundation also reserves the right to point to or reproduce your materials containing the IRMA logo, for instance in an overview or presentation.

In case you wish to integrate the IRMA name or logo into your own product name or logo you need to have in addition to the above-mentioned written consent a contract with the Privacy by Design foundation that regulates how the foundation benefits from such usage.

You can download the IRMA logos below.

IRMA logo

IRMA logo for colored backgrounds

  • Full logo set (combined in zip file)